Building & Construction

The building and construction industry makes a significant impact on employment and income in the Kimberley, contributing $426 million to the Region’s economy in 2010/11 and has increased dramatically since 2004/05 when the total value was $123 million.

The industry has supported and contributed to social and economic infrastructure projects across the Kimberley.


Between 2002/03 and 2010/11 there was an average of 341 approvals for the construction of dwelling units. In 2009/10 and 2010/11 the number of residential approvals was 450 and 425 respectively.

Of the 425 dwelling approvals in 2010/11, 136 were in the Shire of Broome, 117 in Wyndham-East Kimberley, 21 in Halls Creek and 151 in Derby-West Kimberley. The average approval value in the Region was $429,000 per dwelling.


The value of non-residential approvals was $244 million in 2010/11, significantly higher than the average between 2000/01 to 2010/11of $89 million per year.

Of the $244 million worth of approvals in 2010/11, $39 million was in the Shire of Broome, $146 million in Wyndham-East Kimberley, $24 million in Halls Creek and $35 million in Derby-West Kimberley.

Whilst these figures vary considerable from year to year they highlight a trend of increasing investment into the Kimberley region.