Strategic Plan

People, Place and Prosperity

The Commission has an objective to help align a vision that will guide the future. We hope that we will be influential in embedding the concept of People, Place and Prosperity throughout the Region.

This plan operationalises the Commission’s objectives and capacities into a practical, long range agenda for action.

Importantly, the Commission has a clear sense of purpose to guide its work and is progressively repositioning itself to be influential in the key regional processes that will shape the development of the future Kimberley.  To meet these objectives the Commission plans to lead development with the Region’s first Investment Blueprint, and use its full range of effort to focus its activities on the catalytic regional priorities that will help Kimberley people deliver against their collective hopes and dreams.


The Commission has a strong and unified Vision

The Kimberley aspires to a long-term future transformed into one of the world’s most successful and sustainable regions.  The hallmarks of success will be:

People: – a well-housed, highly educated and healthy people enjoying high amenity in sustainable communities

Place: – a place with outstanding infrastructure, services and governance set within a well-conserved and iconic natural environment

Prosperity: – shared prosperity arising from the success of the region’s main drivers of economic opportunity:
Agriculture; Rangeland Industries, Tourism, Minerals & Energy


The Commission has a unique role to play in the development of the Kimberley

To effectively realise our Vision, we must focus on providing the services that we are uniquely positioned to deliver in support of developing the Kimberley.  Our Mission is the purpose and approach that we will take to deliver our Vision for the Region.

Our Mission defines that we will: