Economic Activity

The Kimberley is larger than many countries, culturally and environmentally unique and intact, naturally and economically gifted but undeveloped, sparsely populated but close to the rapidly developing and growing population centres of Asia; the Kimberley is a region of enormous potential, importance and promise, even on a global scale.

The Kimberley region has an increasingly diverse regional economy, with opportunities in many industries including; mining, construction, tourism, retail, agriculture, and rangelands. There are also challenges to the growth of the Kimberley including housing, health and well being; and education and training.

A range of statistics are available within this section of the website. The Kimberley: A Region in Profile 2014 also contains a broad range of information regarding the economic activity of the Kimberley.

For more information or queries regarding statistics for the Kimberley please contact our Manger, Research, Analysis and Economics on 9194 3000.