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Our Local Content Officer will help develop, promote and maximise opportunities for local suppliers, contractors and jobseekers in the regions by connecting to relevant government, industry, businesses, Aboriginal Corporations, employment and training stakeholders.

Industry link Broome

On 6 August 2018, the Kimberley Development Commission hosted the 11th WA Industry Link Regional Roadshow in Broome. Photo: Land Access Policy Adviser Lisa Campbell, Local Content Adviser for the Kimberley Dylan Heath, Minister Allanah MacTiernan and Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI) Andrew Griggs.

Our Local Content Officer aims to:

  • Increase regional businesses’ knowledge, skills and capability to capture regional opportunities as per the Building Local Industry Policy.
  • Increase the portion of State Government and Industry contracts secured by regional contractors and businesses.
  • Develop specific opportunities for regional Aboriginal business in securing government and industry contracts.
  • Provide regional perspectives to support decision making for the awarding of State Government contracts.
  • Maximise regional supplier and subcontracting arrangements and outcomes through Industry Participation Plans.
  • Engage with lead contractors and suppliers to promote maximum local jobseeker participation.
  • Monitor the performance of contracts and report best practice and instances where Buy Local Policy or intent has been overlooked.

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For further information about Local Content please contact Kimberley Development Commission  via email on localcontent@kdc.wa.gov.au or phone  Dylan Heath, Local Content Advisor on  08 9194 3004 or Mobile 0438 161 658.


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