The Kimberley region has a tropical monsoon climate with two dominant seasons separated by short transitional periods.
Hot and humid conditions characterise a ‘tropical summer’ season extending over the months from November to April.

The region receives about 90% of its rainfall during the tropical summer or wet season, when low pressure systems and unstable air characterise much of the weather pattern.

From May to October the Kimberley is influenced by high pressure systems and a predominantly south easterly airflow from the continent’s interior. This brings the dry season, typified by sunny days and cooler nights. Comfort levels improve markedly during ‘the dry’.

Climatic conditions have always had a substantial influence on lifestyle and economy in the region. A number of Kimberley industries are highly seasonal with activity falling off during the tropical summer season when increased discomfort levels lessen the relative attraction of this region compared to southern Australia, and when transport links and other variables provide difficulty for movement and activity. There are many traditional social patterns that reflect the season.