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Driving on the Broome Cape Leveque Road this wet season

December 20, 2019

Cape Leveque road

Photo: Cape Leveque road

Below is some important information for road users wishing to access the Broome Cape Leveque Road during the wet season:
  • The road surface is slippery when wet;
  • Avoid travelling during wet weather or after heavy rainfall;
  • The road will be closed if deemed unsafe or becomes impassable;
  • If cyclones or a major rain event is imminent, the road will be closed;
  • Supply vehicles will be able to access the peninsula as soon as the new road embankment dries out and it is safe to do so;
  • Where possible, road users should avoid driving on the new road embankment. When the new road is wet, excessive use by vehicles will damage the road surface and making it unavailable for supply vehicles;
  • Obey road closures and check road conditions, remember – ‘Closed means Closed’.
Road closures and conditions
  • Main Roads will inspect and monitor the section of the Broome Cape Leveque Road under construction over the wet season;
  • Road users will generally be directed to drive the old road during the wet season;
  • In areas subject to flooding, and the old road is no longer available, traffic will be directed onto the new road embankment;
  • The entire road will be maintained as required during the wet season;
  • Main Roads and the Shire of Broome will manage any temporary road closures;
  • To find out information on road closures, please visit the Shire of Broome website www.broome.wa.gov.au or contact Main Roads on 138 138 or visit the Main Roads Travel Map at travelmap.mainroads.wa.gov.au.

Visit the Main Roads Long distance driving page for tips on what to consider when travelling in the Kimberley.

If you have any questions regarding the Boome Cape Leveque Road during the wet season, please contact Phil Tweddell on 0458 647 487.

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