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Economic activity

GraphDifferent measures could be used to measure how an economy is performing. The Gross Regional Product (GRP) is one of these measures. GRP is the monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced within the region. The most recent GRP for the Kimberley is estimated at $2.68 billion (2016-17), which represented 1.1 per cent of the Gross State Product for that period.

For the past decade, the real Gross Regional Product in the Kimberley has been estimated in between $2 and $4 billion, representing circa 1 to 3 per cent of the Gross State Product for that period and most oscillations attributed to the mining sector.

Kimberley Economic Watchlist

The Commission created the ‘Kimberley Economic Watchlist’ indicator in May 2018. The indicator monitors growth trends in the share prices and market capitalisation of Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listed companies operating in the Kimberley region as a proxy for short to medium term economic activity in the region. The graph below shows these trends, where all percentual increase in share prices and market capitalisation are in relation to base period July 2017 (click on individual legend series to toggle on/off).

Source: Australian Stock Exchange.

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