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Health and Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of the Kimberley population is a primary determinant of quality of life and a major determinant of productivity and participation in all areas.The Kimberley faces special challenges in the area of improving the health and wellbeing of it’s population, especially that of it’s Aboriginal people.

The West Australian Country Health Services (WACHS) produces statistics and information relating to health in the Kimberley. Below is a brief summary from ‘The Kimberley Health Profile 2015’ produced by WACHS:

  • The proportion of women giving birth under 20 is three times higher than the overall State average, this can partially be explained by the high rate of births amongst Aboriginal teenagers.
  • The number of children rated as developmentally vulnerable in the Kimberley is unacceptably high. The rate of vulnerability ranged from 20% in Djugun to 85% in Fitzroy Crossing.
  •  the rate of disease of the ear and mastoid process hospitalisations for Aboriginal children in the Kimberley between 2003-12 was four and a half times higher than the non-Aboriginal rate
  • Kimberley adults aged 15-64 years, had over double the rate of injury and poisoning hospitalisation than the State rate.
  • For 2008-12, Kimberley residents aged 15-64 years, accessed community mental health services at a significantly higher rate (40,071 per 100,000) than the State average and the rate for alcohol and drug disorders (2,055 per 100,000) was more than double the State rate.
  • For 2008-12, the hospitalisation rate of Kimberley residents was twice as high as the State. The main causes of hospitalisation were injury and poising, and dialysis.
  • For 2007-11, Kimberley region’s mortality rate was almost double that of the State. Just over half of the deaths of Kimberley residents under the age of 75 could have potentially been avoided. The leading causes of death were ischaemic heart diseases, intentional self-harm and diabetes/impaired glucose regulation.

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