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Mr Chuck Berger

Mr Chuck Berger

Chief Executive Officer

Chuck Berger was appointed CEO of the Kimberley Development Commission in December 2021. With a diverse background in the private and not-for-profit sectors, Chuck brings to the KDC a strong interest and experience in new industry development, integrated human service delivery, and strengthening the capacity and resilience of Aboriginal communities.

Raised in Kansas (USA), he studied law at Yale Law School and practiced corporate law in New York and Brussels, before migrating to Australia in 2003. Since then, he has served as Director of Strategic Ideas at the Australian Conservation Foundation, CEO of Outdoors Victoria, and Manager of Kimberley Community Legal Services. Chuck has also held appointments including Chair of Community Legal WA (2018-2021), Board member and later Co-Chair of East Kimberley College (2018-21), Board member of the Australian Consumers Association (2009-2012), and Board member of Community Legal Centres Australia (2020-21).

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