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RED Grants

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Regional Economic Development Grants

Applications closed on July 7, 2020 at 4pm AWST.

If you have put in an application for this funding round, please note your application is being assessed and successful recipients will be announced soon. Please contact Yvette Parker, email gpo@kdc.wa.gov.au or phone 9194 3000, for further information.

The Regional Economic Development (RED) Grants is a $28.8 million (over five years) State Government initiative that invests in community driven projects to stimulate economic growth and development in regional Western Australia. Delivered locally by the State’s nine Regional Development Commissions, up to $100,000 is available for individual projects that promote sustainable jobs, partnerships, productivity, skills and capability, as well as stimulate new investment and industry diversification.

The objectives of the RED Grants Program round three include:

  • Sustainable jobs
  • Expanding or diversifying industry;
  • Developing skills or capabilities;
  • Attracting new investment in the region;
  • Maximising recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic impacts.

Program guidelines, pdf format: RED Grants round three program guidelines
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), pdf format: Frequently Asked Questions

How to write a successful grant application:

  1. Introduction and about REDs (3 min)
  2. Before you start (6 min)
  3. Grant writing overview (1.5 min)
  4. Key project question: Why? (9min)
  5. Key project question: What? (2.5 min)
  6. Key project question: How? (4 min)
  7. Key project question: When? (2 min)
  8. Key project question: Viability? (7 min)
  9. Key project question: Cost? (4 min)
  10. Quantifying expected outcomes (8 min)
  11. Budget and market viability (5.5 min)
  12. Summary  (7 min)

Information on previous funding rounds

Round 2: Opened 11 July 2019 and closed 13 September 2019. The RED grants attracted 46 applications, with requests for funding totalling $6,370,234. Successful applicants for Round 2 were announced on Thursday, 5 March 2020. The following projects were successful:

Round 2 Regional Economic Development (RED) Grants

wdt_ID Applicant Project Funding ($)
1 Shire of Halls Creek Indigenous Civil Training Group $175,000
2 Kullarri Regional Communities Indigenous Corporation (KRCIC) KRCIC Roadworks Maintenance & Traffic Management $90,000
3 Woolah Aboriginal Corporation Doon Doon Caravan Park and Campground Entry, Signage and Amenity $45,000
4 Goolarri Media Enterprises Kimberley Girl 2020 $81,000
5 McKeno Corporation Pty Ltd McKeno Tyrepave $145,000
6 Magabala Books Aboriginal Corporation Indigenous Publishing Cadetship $78,664
7 Lombadina Aboriginal Corporation Lombadina Tourism Amenities Upgrade $194,000
8 Yeeda Pastoral Company Pty Ltd Colourstone public access truck wash and weighbridge $95,000
Applicant Project Funding ($)

Round 1: Opened 14 September 2018 and closed 2 November 2018. The RED grants attracted 48 applications seeking $6,978,945. The following projects were successful:

Round 1 Regional Economic Development (RED) Grants

wdt_ID Applicant Project Funding ($)
1 Kununurra Neighbourhood House Inc Kununurra Neighbourhood House New Facility - Construction Stage 1 $180,000
2 Mamabulanjin Aboriginal Corporation Kakadu Plum Knowledge Centre $100,000
3 Shire of Broome Short Street Transit Hub $100,000
4 Lake Kununurra Barramundi Restocking Group Lake Kununurra Barramundi Restocking Project $84,521
5 Shire of Broome Chinatown Discovery Festival $50,000
6 Yawoorrong Miriuwung Gajerrong Yirrgeb Noong Dawang Aboriginal Corporation Developing a Robust Commercial Vision for East Kimberley Industrial Hemp $47,000
7 Imintji Aboriginal Corporation Imintji Campground Facilities $32,592
8 Shire of Halls Creek Facilities Infrastructure Upgrades for Social and Economic Development - Phase 3 $26,120
9 Shinju Matsuri Inc Shinju Matsuri 2019 $20,000
10 Baulu-Wah Aboriginal Corporation Violet Valley Campground signage, impression and Promotion $15,713
Applicant Project Funding ($)

Grant acquittals

Successful applicants of the RED Grants must acquit the grant in accordance with the Grant agreement.

For further information on the acquittal process, discuss business eligibility or for any other questions regarding the RED Grants, please contact Yvette Parker, Grant and Projects Officer on 9194 3000 or Email gpo@kdc.wa.gov.au

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