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Top 3 qualifications in the Kimberley revealed

September 20, 2019

Conservation and Land Management

Photo: Conservation and Land Management was one of the most popular traineeships in the Kimberley in 2018

Vocational Education and Training (VET) is a key element to boost the employment outcomes and instill confidence in the businesses using the sector. Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures for 2016 (the most recent Census) show that 21 per cent of the working age population in the Kimberley had a Certificate level qualification in 2016 (5,192 people), which is up by 4 per cent compared to 2006. In fact, a recent report by the Grattan Institute found that vocational qualifications in construction, engineering and commerce typically lead to higher lifetime incomes than many university graduates are likely to earn, especially those with degrees in popular fields such as humanities.

But what are the most popular Vocational and Education (VET) qualifications in the region? Here are the results.

Top 3 apprenticeships^:

  • Certificate III in Light vehicle Mechanical Technology
  • Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade
  • Certificate III in Carpentry and Joinery

(of all apprentices commencing a qualification in the Kimberley in 2018)

Top 3 traineeships^:

  • Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management
  • Certificate IV in Employment Services
  • Certificate III in Business

(of all trainees commencing a qualification in the Kimberley in 2018)

^ Source: WA Department of Training and Workforce Development (2019).

The Commission regularly provides insights and analysis on the labour market dynamics of the Kimberley. This includes but is not limited to labour force, business, and industry. For further updates on the Labour Market in the Kimberley region, please visit our Employment page.


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