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WA Regional Price Index 2019: what does it mean for the Kimberley?

December 17, 2019

The 2019 WA Regional Price Index (RPI) has been released by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD). But what is the RPI and what does it mean for the Kimberley?

The RPI measures price changes experienced by households in Regional WA. The simplest way of thinking about the RPI is to imagine a basket of goods and services comprising items bought by Regional WA households, for example, food, housing, transportation. Now imagine the basket is purchased at a certain frequency. As prices change from one period to the next, so too will the total price of the basket. Because it indicates price changes for a broad range of items, the index could be a useful indicator for a shift in economic conditions.

What is in the basket? Groups considered in the WA Regional Price Index

Photo showing basket of goods

Photo: Typical basket of goods and services

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development conducts research into the RPI every two years. It compares the cost of a basket of goods and services in regional and remote Western Australia to the same items in the Perth metropolitan area using a methodology based on the consumer price index calculated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Findings of the most recent RPI report show that, in 2019, the Kimberley was on average 15.6% more expensive to live in than Perth, with Halls Creek being the most expensive place to live in the Kimberley and on average 26.9% more expensive than Perth. The good news is that regional centres such as Broome, Derby and Kununurra are relatively more affordable than they used to be in 2011. Derby has shown a decline of approximately 16.1% in the level of prices in relation to 2011, being now the most affordable place to live in the Kimberley after Kununurra. The interactive map below shows the RPI for towns across WA. The bigger the bubble, the more expensive prices are on average in relation to Perth (100).

Interactive map 2019: How expensive are WA regional towns, on average, in relation to Perth?


To read the whole report, please access the document Regional Price Index 2019 available on the Kimberley Development Commission website or further information on our Cost of Living section.

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